After an unforgettable season, with eight different winners during the year, fantastic Gran Prixes, controversies and excitement, one of the most entertaining championships came to an end and, as everyone knows, Sebastian Vettel won his third consecutive title after a terrific race, right from the start, when he spun and he had to recover from the back of the field. The rain, which was unexpected few hours before the start, mixed up the cards, with Fernado Alonso trying desperately to catch the first positions to take as many points as possible: the result, second, was excellent looking at Ferrari’s pace and the conditions, but it wasn’t enough to secure the title. Vettel drove brilliantly, even after being mistaken about the strategy and pitting once more than the other drivers. But also it seems unreal that he could finish the race with a broken exhaust, after the contact at the start.

It was an emotional podium: while Jenson Button won, thanks to the battle between Nico Hulkemberg and Lewis Hamilton, who had to retire after an incident with him, the Ferrari drivers completed the scenario: of course Fernando Alonso, who was so close to his third title, was disappointed, but it was an honorable defeat: he fought the whole year with a slow Ferrari, which couldn’t keep up with the innovations of the other teams, and drove in a stunning way getting the best result possible for each race. In the last ones of the year though, he needed Felipe Massa’s help; the Brazilian re-found his form and especially in the last GP he did a fantastic race, with a great pace and some superb overtakings: let’s hope he will mantain this attitude next year too!

Fernando would have deserved the title, a lot of people has already said it, such as Hamilton, who defined him as “a three/four times champion”; but Sebastian Vettel is totally worth this title too. Everyone would be wrong saying that it was just thanks to the car that he won, indeed especially in Abu Dhabi and in Brazil he showed everybody the skilled and talented driver that he is: he is much more mature now, as he can keep his cool, overtake perfectly and get the maximum result from a bad situation, like last Sunday.

F1 is a team sport: you have to have a good car, good mechanics and an excellent driver; the combinations of these factors is the key of winning. That’s why Vettel was the champion above the others. If we look at Hamilton, we can notice he was terribly unfortunate this season: there were a lot of problems at the pit stops and most of all, if McLaren was often the quickest car on track, it was also extremely unreliable, and failed right when he was in the lead. Without these problems, he would have fought for the championship for sure. The same is for Kimi Raikkonen, who completed every race with consistent points, but in the majority of the Gran Prixes wasn’t fast enough to battle for the victory; he did some of the best overtakings this year, and he will be in the title battle in the next one for sure, if Lotus can give him a proper car.

This season can be remembered with this sentence: “If you do something with your heart, you must be proud”. F1 is passion, hard work and perseverance. Every driver goes to his limit and dedicated mechanics work night and day over a car. Whatever the result is, it was done for the pure love of this sport.


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