We have already talked about women in motosport, with a great interview featuring Alice Powell, and now it’s time for three Palestinese girls: Betty Saadeh, Noor Daoud and Maysun Jayyusi. Thanks to their talent, passion and, we can’t forget to mention these, sponsors and exposure, whom lately has been given from meeting their president Abu Mazen, these female drivers are reaching amazing results, and finally they entered the Formula 3 championship in Israel and got impressive results, with Noor even winning a race.

This story is very special for many reasons: first of all, racing in motorsport has never been easy for women. Getting exposure from a “men’s land” is very difficult and you are often under the attention of everyone, which gives you a lot of pressure. This become so much evident in a Muslim country, where women are supposed to respect a specific stereotype in the society.

Second of all, the creation of a Palestinian team represent a big step forward to gain the indipendence. Palestine, indeed, is still not recognized as a State from many countries, and sport is again the chance improve their condition.

The adventure of these girls started many years ago, when they began entering some minor races and rallys. Thanks to the positive results, they slowly became famous, even because some of Betty’s family members were motorsport drivers. They got to be sponsored by some oil companies and now they are even being made a film which will be out in 2013.

This video is from a while ago, but it’s very interesting and also has interviews with these amazing racers (the content belongs to the respective producer, I just wanted to share it):



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