As you’ve seen, the blog hasn’t been updated for long: indeed, I’ve been staying in Ireland for more than three weeks. I won’t talk about the Irish weather, the beautiful places I’m visiting and the nice people I’m meeting: I prefer dedicating this article to the different points of views of F1 I found out here.

First of all, the support: as there aren’t any Irish drivers in F1, the cheering is various, people support Ferrari, others Hamilton, Vettel, Schumacher, etc. The only real F1 passionate I got to know supported Schumacher, liked Alonso and couldn’t stand Hamilton and Button. So I let you imagine how we got on well when we were watching the Silverstone GP together: as soon as Alonso was overtaken I was repressing my anger into myself for my shyness, while he was screaming at the TV (I think he felt sorry for me).

Another big difference is the media: if in Italy the majority of it is pro-Ferrari, here it’s the same, but instead of the Scuderia there is McLaren: after Valencia, for example, I bought a motorsport newspaper and the front page was almost entirely occupied by a Lewis Hamilton (side by side with Maldonado) picture. Just a little picture at the end of the page was dedicated to Fernando Alonso’s victory. Talking about the commentators during the race, in Italy we blame Mazzoni&co. because they only talk about Ferrari and always defend it, but I discovered that here it’s the same. I’ve watched the GP on SkyF1, and I would say – my bad if I’m wrong, it’s the impression I got – they cheer the British drivers in a open way. But if the Italian commentators use their support to criticise the Ferrari fighters – sometimes, quietly and indirectly anyway – the ones I heard here recognize the others’ merits as it’s right to do.

I can’t really talk about the coverage of the races, as I followed the GP on Sky, where they have an entire channel about F1: from next year Italy – well, the Italians who can afford Sky – will have it too, so I can’t judge the job of a pay TV against a free one, it’s obvious that the first has more coverage, contents, interviews and anything that can entertain a fan. One thing I really admired, however, was the fact that a camera followed almost everywhere the drivers after their run: it was so interesting! Plus when, during the race, there’s a team radio, everyone’s silent (I know it doesn’t seem important, but believe me, it is!).

I’m staying in a little town here in Ireland; however, just the first day I arrived, I saw a sign which was advertising a pub showing the Silverstone GP: I’m sure this happens somewhere in Italy too, but not where I live obviously! I think it’s a fantastic way to enjoy racing, all together, in a passionate atmosphere, there should be a lot of these meetings!

Finally, the non-F1 fans: I think they’re all the same all over the world! “F1 races are so boring, they only drive in circles…”



  1. “I saw a sign which was advertising a pub showing the Silverstone GP: I’m sure this happens somewhere in Italy too”
    Don’t think so, here in Italy, unluckily, we’re too obsessed by football. I went to Latvia in February, and they have the same sort of “sports-bar” concept, where they show different events (and sports) on different TVs. The rest of the world goes by pretty much the same way. In Italy, if we have two TVs, they’re both showing the same football match.

  2. @TimJN1 ha detto:

    Interesting article. Generally I think you are right, SKY (and BBC) do show some support for Mclaren and the British drivers as they know that’s what their audiences want. There are usually more features about Mclaren and more interviews with Button and Hamilton. I’m sure its the same for say German TV and Vettel and Schumacher !However I don’t think they go over the top and take it too far. During a race they’re usually very fair and sometimes Martin Brundle especially can be very critical of Mclaren.

    I’m not sure how SKY will be when they start broadcasting in Italy, but so far they’ve done a pretty good job in the UK. The commentators are excellent (Croft and Brundle) and of course they have every race live. The main downside of course is that you have to pay. I still think the BBC does a good job, but of course they now only have 50% of the races live. The BBC get the prize for the maddest start to a GP program ever at Silverstone.
    Go to Youtube and search for ‘BBC Silverstone biplane’ and you’ll see how the presenters arrived at the track!


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