Last Sunday’s Bahrain GP will be remembered as the “GP of protests”: indeed, even though Bahrains are fighting for freedom trying to depose the king, Bernie Ecclestone decided to bring the Circus there, causing concern all over the world. The fans were divided: who watched the race, who boycotted it, saying it was ridicolous to challenge thinking about money and not about people. The death of one person made the situation worse, with the Bahraini newspaper which hid the episode covering the first pages with F1 articles.

The condition of the country reflected on the circuit’s grandstands, that were empty. Money business (around 40 millions), again, won on the civil rights. Even the interviewed drivers tried to avoid political questions, saying they are drivers and racing is their work. So, now, let’s analise Bahrain GP.

VETTEL WINS. Finally the grey moment of the German driver has come to an end. Here you are the usual Seb, who converts “easily” a Pole to a victory and brings back his pointy finger to the podium. Thanks to his win, the driver standings are very tight and the championship battle seems exciting and unpredictable.

LOTUS HAPPINESS. Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean scored 2nd and 3rd with their car, which showed a stunning traction and let them gaining positions; the Finnish also got to challenge Vettel for few laps, but was forced to content for the second best place. He said after the race he was disappointed, in contrast with Grosjean, who obtained his first podium in F1 and showed the fans his beautiful smile for the whole ceremony and press conference.

ALONSO AND MASSA IN THE POINTS. The two Ferraris keep their bad form with a slow car, which is easily overtaken by the other top teams. Fernando Alonso got to arrive seventh after a doubtful episode with Rosberg, who pushed and Hamilton and then Alonso out of the track to defende himself from the two other drivers’ attacks. The episodes haven’t been judged with a penalty by the stewards, with Alonso who heavily criticised this decision. Felipe Massa instead had a quite good race, arriving ninth after some overtakings.

MCLAREN PIT-STOPS. Lewis Hamilton had his race ruined due to persistent pit stop problems, that costed him seconds over seconds. Even Jenson Button had bad luck, as he first had to pit on the 53th lap because of a puncture and then had to retire in the last laps with a sick-sounding car.

Also important to note are Paul di Resta, who drove beautifully arriving third, with Fernando challenging him in the last lap; and Michael Schumacher, who moved up to 11th after a disastrous qualifying.


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