Fernando Alonso and Sergio Perez got a stunning and surprising result in an unpredictable GP, with the top teams, McLaren and Red Bull, far behind them two. the closest was Lewis Hamilton in third place, with Mark Webber in fourth and their respective teammates in 14th and 11th. Kimi Raikkonen arrived fifth, improving his grid position of five places, while Romain Grosjean accused a DNF in the first laps of the race. Mid-field racers, especially Bruno Senna, Paul Di Resta, Vergne and Hulkenberg obtained a remarkable result too, most of all because they beat the Mercedes boys: after being touched by Grosjean at the start, Schumacher got the tenth place; Rosberg, instead, crossed the line in 13th place.

At the start, The two McLarens mantained their position, and, behind them, Fernando Alonso grabbed some positions from the eight place; Grosjean had a great start too, but in the first corners had a contact with Schumacher and later, because of the heavy rain, went wide and had to retire. After almost everybody switched to full wet tyres, with Perez who made the right move changing them before everyone else, red flag was showed and the race was stopped.

When the show finally restarted, the track was slowly getting dryer, and so the drivers switched again to intermediates: in the chaos of the pit stops, Fernando Alonso, thanks to a superb work of the mechanics, overtook both Hamilton and Button’s Mclarens. “Checo” Perez came out of the pits ahead of Alonso, but the cameras didn’t show how Fernando passed him. However, after taking the first place, with Button who made a mistake colliding with Karthikeyan and fell in the last positions, the Spaniard kept a fast pace and gained seconds over seconds on the others. Apparently Ferrari is very good in these uncertain conditions of wet.

When the track got dry though, the lake of pace of Ferrari became very clear and Sauber’s Sergio Perez started to close the gap on Alonso very easily: just few laps before the end, when he was close behind the Ferrari, the Mexican went wide and lost about five seconds, which secured Alonso’s victory. Some say that Perez, due to his and the team’s commitment to Ferrari, was told to accept the second place and let Ferrari win (please share your thoughts by commenting below).

Meanwhile, Sebastian Vettel punctured his left-rear tyre touching an HRT and fell to 11th place; he was also victim of some weird team radios, with his race engineer telling him “Come to the box”, “Stay out” and “Emergency, stop the car”. Maldonado retired again in the last lap due to engine problems and Massa had another horrible race, with the final result of a 15th place: the rumors of a replacement are increasing, and the easy choice would be Checo, as he’s part of Ferrari Driver Academy.

That was a surprising win for Fernando Alonso, and a beatiful result for Perez too: it’s great to see their respective teams get emotional, because that shows their whole passion for racing.


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Hey! I'm Ilaria, an 18 years old student from Italy :)


  1. Ferrarista ha detto:

    Complimenti per l’articolo. In Italia si ha bisogno di giornalisti sportivi in gamba, guardare Stella Bruno per capire.

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