If you’re into Motorsport, then you can’t ignore who Alice Powell is. Just to refresh your memory, she is a eighteen girl from UK; in 2010 she was the first ever female driver to win a race and, most of all, the title in the Formula Renault BARC Championship. In 2011 she joined Manor Competition team, which launched the Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen’s careers. Her aim is to become the first successful female F1 driver, but, not looking too far, her priority is to raise money to get on the grid this year.

Alice accepted to answer some questions in my blog, so here you are:

1) What has been your best moment in your racing career so far?
My best moment has to be winning the Formula Renault BARC Championship in 2010. I created great history and it was a real reward to my sponsors and the team!
2) How does it feel to race in such an important championship being a female among male drivers?
To be honest I have been racing for 10 years now, and it just feels like I am a racing driver. I remember when I first started it felt strange that I was the only girl, but now I am totally used to it.
3) What do you think are the skills a successful driver must have?
There are many secrets to a great racing driver. Of course you have to have the skill, the money to go out testing and racing and have determination!
4) Do you have a favourite driver? Who and why?
That is a tough question!!! I admire many drivers for their determination and skill, and of course support the British drivers currently racing in Formula One!
5) Is there a person who inspires you in your life?
My dad was a very talented athlete and footballer when he was younger but could not continue his career due to a persisting knee injury. I also am inspired by my engineer, Sarah, who, like myself is a female in a “men’s world” as she is an engineer and has worked very hard to become a successful engineer.
6) Have you always wanted to become a driver since you were a child?
Yes I have always loved MotorSport ever since I was young. I was always glued to the TV watching the sport!
7) How’s a typical day for you during the season?
During the season, I train hard at the Lotus Formula One Team Gym, working hard with the trainers. If it is a week before a race weekend, I would still train, but maybe not as hard, and spend time preparing for the weekend ahead.
8) What are your plans and goals for 2012?
At the moment, I am still trying to get sponsors to help me to race in Europe this year.
Thanks very much Alice for giving me this fantastic opportunity! You can help Alice to get her target by donating here, or you can follow her on Twitter at @Alicepowell and know more in her website.

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Hey! I'm Ilaria, an 18 years old student from Italy :)


  1. Jackie ha detto:

    That’s another lovely informative post Illaria, though I’d never heard of Alice before it would be lovely to see her progress through the ranks to F1. I shall start to follow her career with interest.

  2. @duskyblogF1 ha detto:

    Well done on getting an interview with Alice Powell and kudos to her for granting it. Hope she gets enough funding to allow her to race this season.


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