This has been an interesting day in the off (soon the pre-) season. During the day, indeed, there has been three car launches; the first has been the Sauber’s one: new elements to point out are an optimised front suspension, a carbon trasmission from engine supplier Ferrari and a rear suspension which is a pull-rod design.

The Peter Sauber’s aim is to start strongly the season and mantain a high level during it; the team’s goal is to finish regurlarly in the points to get a good result in the championship.

In the first hours of the afternoon the new RB8, another creation of the best engineer in F1, Adrian Newey, has been presented. The fight, as Vettel added, will be very tight, especially because the exaust-blown diffuser position has been restricted, and this could affect this year’s performance; but no one still knows how much it’ll be determinant in RBR’s performance; Newey declared: ” Whether that will affect us more than other people is difficult to know of course. We designed the RB7 around that exaust position and were probably the only people to do so, so it may be that we’ve lost more than other people through that. Only time will tell.”

Above this, the new Red Bull shows, like the other cars this year, the stepped nose, created to improve the chassis height in function of the new regulations.

And, finally, the Toro Rosso launch. The new STR7 has got the stepped nose, relocated exausts exits, undercut sidepods and, as Giorgio Ascanelli added, “there are new wings and developments to improve the behaviour of the DRS”.

The team, who judge the project of the car on paper “very strong”, is aiming to finish seventh or sixth in the standings this year.


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