Finally, the new Ferrari, whose name will be F2012, was launched today in Maranello; unfortunately, due to the heavy snow which has already caused many problems even for the journalists and fans who wanted to attend the lauch, it didn’t run on the track of Fiorano.

Immediately everyone, while the veil was removed, noticed that the nose was, like the Caterham’s one, huge and ugly. All in all, the car is not longer in the “conservative” way it used to be; Ferrari’s engineers totally changed their approach in the development of the car as you can note here:

1) SUSPENSION LAYOUT. Both front and rear suspensions are characterized by pull-roads, which are supposed to favour aerodynamics and lower the centre of gravity.

(Ferrari image)

2) FRONT WING. We have already seen a prototype in the last races of 2011, but this is an evolution, which will be further developed in the first races of the year. There is a step on it, because the new rules request to lower the front of the car and so that was a solution to raise the bottom of the chassis to help the aerodynamics.

3) BRAKES. The air intakes have been both redesigned and, alongside Brembo, the brakes were optimised.

4) VARIOUS COMPONENTS. These will be analized and developed later in the tests: the sides have been redesigned, with a change in the position of various parts, such as the radiators; the lower part of the rear of the car  has changed a lot, thanks to new positions of mechanical components and the gearbox; the rear wing is instead quite similar to the 2011’s one, with new little details.

5) ENGINE. It is an evolution of the last one, with changes due to the new rules and a reached life of three races.


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Hey! I'm Ilaria, an 18 years old student from Italy :)


  1. Rene Salinas ha detto:

    Ilaria, are you really just 15???
    You´ll be a great Journalist anywhere, hopefully in F1!!

    Thank you for your article on the new F2012. I´ll look forward for you new articles on this F1 season

    Keep the great work!!!


  2. @duskyblogF1 ha detto:

    Good article, I am still recovering from how ugly the F2012 looks. Thanks for writing it in English. Grazie

  3. justynamcr ha detto:

    I’m impressed! great article like always 🙂


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