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Many people have written a Fernando Alonso’s biography, talking about his races, titles, issues with McLaren and many others topics, which now are well known by every F1 fan. But not everyone knows some curiosities about his start of carrer and his private life. For example, Fernando in 2001 refused a seat from Ferrari, accepting a Renault contract which consisted in one year at Minardi, the next as a tester in Renault and then as an official driver; Ferrari didn’t give him guarantees: one year he coul be an official driver, and the next day a tester.

We are in the Italian race track Fiorano, Fernando was seventeen. There was a test to enter into F1, but the weather wasn’t helping, as it was raining; some drivers started the test, and then it was Alonso’s round: he drove extremely fast, maybe too fast, and Cesare Fiorio, who was selecting the drivers, got scared about his speed. He immediately called him back in the boxes, and he said that he was crazy for driving so fast, his first lap on an F1 car, under the rain. Fernando answered: “But I’m driving slowly”, and that was true, as he umiliated all the other testers when came back on the track.

Fernando Alonso has never liked F1 much, he’s a very shy person, he declarated even that he would like to have a normal life, to be invisible. His target was to win 3 world championships, but now that’s he’s at Ferrari he changed his mind, because -as he says- he feels like it’s in a family, with people who have the same objectives and feelings. His father suggested him to go to Ferrari (and not to RBR which offered him a seat too that year), in fact he trusts him more than every people in the World. Another important figure in his private life was his grandmother: when she passed away in the summer of 2009 he was extremely sad, and he said he couldn’t find a reason to wake up in the morning.

The Spanish driver doesn’t like media, doesn’t use the social networks and rarely appear in events which aren’t related with the work. Once has been in Sanremo Festival, a prestigious music event in Italy where his wife was singing: the presenter was so happy that called him on the stage to talk! Journalist aren’t Fernando’s best friends, as he was often accused by them during his racing carreer. But it hasn’t been always so: when he firsty entered in F1, he asked an Italian journalist to make him an interview, to be known from people, but the journalist couldn’t help him, as he was a test driver and so TV wouldn’t have appreciated such an useless interview. Just to say, this journalist asked him an interview in 2010 after his first victory with Ferrari in 2010, and fortunately got it.


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  1. mlo7 ha detto:

    Nice article. It really gives a complete other vision on Alonso. Even if the info isn’t anything new, i still think a lot of people don’t know the details that much.

  2. Lilla My ha detto:

    That’s exactly why I like Alonso so much – he’s a great devoted driver on the track, but not a celebrity unlike some other drivers ;). He’s got a famous (in Spain at least) wife, but doesn’t need to live for show like a star. I thinks it’s a great attitude which makes me respect Alonso more than the more celebrity-like drivers.

  3. saltireF1 ha detto:

    Another very interesting post Ilaria, and some cool facts that I’ve never read about in pieces about Fernando before. One of my friends did dig out a piece about Fernando coming to the aid of Jaguar to test their car whilst he was still at Minardi, such was his regard as a fast, reliable driver. I must see if I can find it and give you the link.

  4. Agnes ha detto:

    Well,great article 🙂
    I must fess up that I don”t know Alonso from this side.You know in media he is usually show like a person who when he was in Mclaren,often had argued with Hamilton etc.
    In this article I saw that he is very similar to Kubica ;]
    Greetings Agnes vel paige180_F1 🙂


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