The new Team Lotus has officially been confirmed: alongside the 2007 World Champion Kimi Raikkonen, who decided to come back in the Circus making happy a lot of fans, Eric Boullier announced Romain Grosjean, GP2 champion and teammate of Fernando Alonso at Renault in 2009; but there were three drivers free for the seats: Bruno Senna, who showed a good competitiveness, but without important sponsors; Vitaly Petrov, the first and unique Russian driver even been in F1, and the big question mark, Robert Kubica. The Polish talent, after being injured in a rally incident before the beginning of 2011 season, won’t be able to start next season; Eric Boullier, during last championship, said that Robert’s future was at Renault (Lotus), but in the last few days he declared that he wasn’t sure about it.

Moreover, according to Italian sport newspaper La Gazzetta Dello Sport, Robert will be testing an F150 in the spring, during mid-season tests. There has been many rumors about Kubica-Ferrari relationship, Autosprint (the main motorsport magazine in Italy) reports that in 2009, when Felipe had the incident, Ferrari contacted Robert to replace him and created -still Autosprint source- a red suit for him, but the Brazilian, fearing for his seat, implored the Scuderia to stop the contacts with the Polish.

Robert Kubica has been always judged for his great talent and consistence: in the first half of 2008, with BMW, he fought with the Ferraris and the Mclarens for the top of the championship, winning in Canada and having many podiums. For this reason it was clear that he would have joined a winning team soon or later, but unfortunately, this plan was ruined by last winter crash, which made uncertain his return on the track: many fans still think he won’t be able to race, or that he won’t be as good as he used to be, just like Massa.

My opinion (and hope)  is that he will demonstrate everyone that he recovered well, and that the delay of his return in F1 is just to be perfectly sure about his renewed competitiveness. Robert is a great talent, it’d be an immense shame if we loose such a fast and concentrated driver. Talking about his possible seat at Ferrari, it’d be the best choice for the team to take him: the Polish talks Italian, is strong and has a good relationship with Fernando Alonso.


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Hey! I'm Ilaria, an 18 years old student from Italy :)


  1. Very nice article. As always 🙂
    If i remember well, RK’s contract with Lotus-Renault was for 2010 and 2011. So in 18 days, Robert Kubica will be free of any contract.
    i also hope he will recover at 100% and it would be great if he goes to Ferrari 🙂

  2. justynamcr ha detto:

    “many fans still think he won’t be able to race” I think we can’t call them “fans”. Fans should believe and support, not only complain and predict only bad solutions. Btw I was skeptical when people talked about Robert in Ferrari but now when I see what’s happening with LRGP I honestly believe that Robert will go to Ferrari 🙂 This is the biggest dream of most of his fans 🙂
    a very good summary of everything what was happening last time 🙂 love it!


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