I was waiting behind the exit, very excited, wondering if Fernando Alonso managed to stay in front of Hamilton; the weather was extremely sunny and very hot, like the last days of August. I was thinking about how to run under the podium in these conditions, when, after many people screamed to the stewards to open the gate, everything began. While I was running I saw in the big screens that Alonso was on the podium, but I couldn’t  rejoice, otherwise I would have not be able to arrive under it.

That was an emotional moment: Alonso celebrated in a great way, he shared his prize with the Tifosi, threw his cap to the crowd and, after sprying the champagne to us, he made a movement that I won’t never forget, that was to say ” Be patient, after this I will be strong for you Tifosi! “; that touched me more than the other celebrations. We all knew that Ferrari was not strong enough to win, RBR and Vettel were too fast, and even McLarens were quicker than Ferraris. But Fernando’s start was unbelieveble, turned on Tifosi’s passion, left a mark in that race.

Sebastian Vettel was great, strong and, I must say as Italian, extremely kind. I haven’t seen him crying on the podium, I was too far, but when I have come back home, and obviously searched for Monza videos, I nearly cried for him; it was a special moment, like Monza 2010. It’s true, someone might tell me why, because two Ferrari drivers in Monza podium leaves you speechless, but when the prizegiving finished, I felt something exceptional, that I really can’t describe. Maybe it’s because a third place from Alonso in a bad year for Ferrari is an unexpected and great result, maybe because he celebrated more this year, thinking of the Tifosi who needed a reassurance from him, who is a very self-confident person.

When I saw in the video Vettel crying and Alonso talking to him, something snapped in myself; before that race I was sure that Alonso and Vettel weren’t good to stay in the same team, because they are very competitive and want to be the number one. But that image shocked me, and suddenly I changed my mind. Help for this swich was also the sweet Sebastian’s action, who put an Italian flag on his helmet, clearly to court Ferrari ( even his declarations confirmed that: ” This podium is the best. The only thing that can improve it is to wear a red overall ” ). I think that just to drive a Ferrari he would be willing to stay with Fernando. Otherwise, he will be for sure at Ferrari after Fernando’s era, no doubt about it.

The race was exciting. After this GP I’m admiring even more Jenson Button, who is showing great driver skills; Schumacher was really supported, and from the old Tifosi, who didn’t manage to forget him, and the others, like me, who was supporting him because he was stopping Hamilton, letting Alonso earn seconds, and because he made very interesting the race, showing that Schumacher’s legend still exist.

I must remember also Bruno Senna, who took his first points; the unlucky Rosberg, who would have done a great race like his teammate if racing; Alguersuari and Buemi, that brought two more Italian cars in the top ten. Unfortunately I don’t have any compliments for Massa, for sure he was unlucky with Webber, who didn’t even finished the race, but he has never been in the race, trying to catch up the field. As I read in The Stampa, if “Alonso does the maximum for Ferrari, Massa does the maximum for Massa”, that is simply not enough.

After catching up from the asphalt pieces of tire, me, my family, and Alice, who took amazing photos of the podium and the driver’s parade, went back home, satisfied and excited like usual when you go to Monza.


Informazioni su IlariaF1

Hey! I'm Ilaria, an 18 years old student from Italy :)


  1. saltireF1 ha detto:

    Another cracking read Ilaria and some superb photos. Glad you had a brilliant day, the post race celebration is awesome, they should definitely allow the fans track access after a race it just added to the feel good vibe.

  2. @thestevemason ha detto:

    Great blog, glad you had a fantastic home GP – keep up the good work.

  3. justynamcr ha detto:

    ups, sorry for late. I really like reaing your posts-they are so… hmmm… you know, when I read it, I can imagine what you feel in this moment. it’s a gift, don’t waste it! 🙂

  4. Marie C. ha detto:

    Very nice review 🙂 i can not imagine your emotion if there was “fratelli d’Italia” … 😉
    You were so close of the podium.

  5. Lo ha detto:

    Great read! Monza is on my to do list, what a fantastic atmosphere!


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