1.21.962, pole position. Fernando Alonso took an amazing result just in Monza, in front of all the tifosi and even Montezemolo, who after the bad race in SPA decided to support the team. I was watching the television, happy like few times, cheering Alonso on my knees on the floor while he was pointing the prancing horse on the overall and then on the helmet: I will never forget these moments, all because the day after I would have been there to follow every moment of the race. So I prepared all my supporter-accessories, like my ferrari T-shirt and my Kimi raikkonen’s cap, and went to bed super excited; it has been hard to sleep.

 The day after, me, my sister and my dad left quite early because we knew that there was plenty of people at the circuit and because we wanted to watch even GP2 race. We left our car and we took the bus, where there was so much people that we couldn’t move; We were happy and calm anyway, the best would have arrived later.

We sat at the end of Parabolica (Prato), like every year; in 2008, our first time at Monza, we arrived there perchance, and I must say that we were very lucky, because it is a great place, we can watch the race because there’s a big screen and we can go to the podium.


First of all we watched the last GP2 race, in which Maldonado won the title even he crashed;  then it was the time of a race of Porsches Mobil 1 Supercup and of the drivers’ parade, unfortunately the time was too little to see all the drivers. The waiting for the main race was very hard, we were all very excited, and the Brazilians near us, and the Polish behind ( who was covered by his huge flag ) and the people from Naples that were talking about Hamilton’s 2009 crash and were saying that he would crash even that year ( what an intuition! ).

Then it was 2 o’ clock: the warm up lap was done and all the cars were ready to start: when the 5 lights switched off, Button had a great start and overtook Alonso; that was not very good for ferrari fans, also because then the two drivers of the Italian team touched; a huge scream accompanied Hamilton’s DNF, in fact Lewis is not very supported there.


For many laps Alonso took and lost advantage from Button, keep staying almost one second behind him. Then the key-moment arrived: Button went to the pits, and after one lap even Alonso came in; the pit stop was very fast, and Fernando came out in front of him. That was a great move, all the Tifosi were screaming at Alonso and the “sadness” for the beginning disappered.

The ferraris were very fast: Alonso took  seconds from Button and also Massa did a great race coming third. But we didn’t see the final laps, we  were already at the exits for the circuit, waiting for running and partecipating to the podium. I will never forget the speaker who was saying “Don’t climb over the gates!!!”. When they finally opened it, we ran as fast as we can, I was seeing the podium at the end of the straight, so even I was already tired, I continued to run.

We arrived next to the Ferrari big heart, and the prizegiving was no began. Then the three podium finishers came out and the people began to cheer everybody ( Button, however, was booed by some ); it was a pleasure to sing my anthem, everybody, that day, seemed so proud of being Italian! After the anthems, the drivers were very kind and celebrate for a long time: for example Massa, when received the trophy, went down the podium and share it with all of us; then he gave the champagne to the Tifosi; Alonso, at the end, went to say hello to the people who were not so fast to arrive where we were and Domenicali was very friendly too.

When the prizegiving finished, we tried to see if there was something or somebody at the pits, and in fact we saw for example a Ferrari and Aldo Costa.


The GP was ended. Coming back, I was already feeling melancholy because I would have seen nothing until this year; but now the waiting is almost over, and I’ll can watch another fantastic race, like this one.

I’m afraid I couldn’t upload my videos of the podium, I don’t know why. All the photos are my own.



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Hey! I'm Ilaria, an 18 years old student from Italy :)


  1. Kate Walker ha detto:

    I love your last photo – I was in the room above, looking down, when you took it!

    You do a great job of giving the atmosphere of the GP – let’s hope this year’s race is as exciting. 🙂

  2. saltire ha detto:

    That was a really enjoyable read. Here’s hoping Fernando is celebrating a win this weekend, it’s been too long since I’ve heard the Italian anthem

  3. james ha detto:

    Loved this post, you could feel the Tifosi passion flying of the page!! I’m so looking forward to this years race, lets hope for more of the same, and I’ll be looking for you and the family under a sea of red at the podium.

  4. justynamcr ha detto:

    “and the Brazilians near us, and the Polish behind ( who was covered by his huge flag )” haha I’m sure, Kubica’s fan 🙂 it’s really nice to read that amaizing story. I hope this year the race and everithing which is connected with Monza atmosphere will be more exciting than last year 🙂


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