The circuit of SPA-Francorchamps is one of the first tracks entered in the calendar of F1 races. It was born by the union of the streets of three little villages of Ardennes: Malmedy, Stavelot and Francorchamps. In 1979, after many fatal crashes and the subsequent transfer of the GP in an another circuit, the track was drastically changed with a lenght reduction from 14 to 7 Km, that let the F1 World Championship to be reinstated there in 1985.

The variety of the corners, among the bests of the entire Championship, and the presence of long straights, made it one of the most challenging circuits in the race calendar; every race keep overtakings, battles and twists among the most exciting in the history of this sport. Here it’s happened the stunning Mika Hakkinen’s overtaking on Michael Schumacher: advantaging from traffic, the Finnish driver surprised Michael taking a different trajectory and overtaking him with success.

Then how not to remember the famous fight between Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen in 2008: in fact, three laps before the end of the race, it started to rain, but most of the drivers didn’t change the tires; at the top of the classification it began a stunning battle that finished with “King of SPA” (Raikkonen, who is called so for his victories in that circuit in 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2009)’s crash and the apparent Lewis Hamilton’s win, who however was penalized for changing trajectory during an overtaking; so the victory went to the other Ferrari driver, Felipe Massa.

In 2009, during the race beginning, a big crash involved three champions like Hamilton, Button and Alonso; Kimi Raikkonen, in a not very competitive Ferrari, took a great victory ahead of Giancarlo Fisichella, with one of the most competitive Force India ever.

Finally, in 2010, Lewis Hamilton managed to win his first Belgian GP, while Alonso, Vettel and Button were protagonists of three disastrous races: the first was hit by Barrichello, in his 300th GP, and in the end, when it started to rain, he went out with a spin; the second hit Button, who was out of the race for this reason, was penalized with a drive-trought, punctured a tyre while racing and finished the race in the last positions.

The costant in this race is with no doubt the rain, that enriches the GP with many twists; so it will be fondamental to have a competitive car that suit wet conditions and low temperatures, because in North Europe rain is always lurking and for what we have seen it changed a lot the race situation.


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  1. marie ha detto:

    Very nice article!!great videos:it brings back lots of memory.
    in Spa best souvenirs,i also like the best start i’ve never seen 😉 70% of drivers crashed at 2nd was 1998 if i remember well


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