Recently I had a chat with some people who asked me to write an article about the relationship between Scuderia Ferrari and Italian Tifosi, its supporters; I’m glad to answer this curiosity.

Ferrari is one of the most important brands in Italy, the Prancing Horse is very common and known: if you ask a baby which is his favourite car he’ll  answer “Ferrari” for sure, because it is associate to the most beautiful and fastest car in the world; if I say to a person who isn’t into F1 that I’m going to home to watch a GP he’ll reply “Oh, you’re going to see Ferraris”, thinking that the entire sport is all about the Scuderia.

The symbol of the team, the Prancing Horse, was given to the Drake by Baracca , who was the best pilot of airplanes in Italy, he for sure was not thinking that would have become the most known brand in Italy!

The majority of Italians supports Ferrari, because it makes be proud of own country, but this until the Scuderia is doing well in the championship: in fact, like in 2009, many supporters ( fake, I suppose ) began to switch to another team, because of the loss of results. Since Fernando Alonso  is in the team, however, many people returned to support the team, and not only because he has won many races, like Monza, in the heart of all Tifosi, but also because he has a huge charismatic character, that reassures everyone: when he was saying after SPA that the championship wasn’t over, only few believed in his words, but after those fantastic races he took their trust and he is very appreciated now.

When I go to Monza, the athmosphere is simply amazing: you can feel the passion of motorsport everywhere; when Ferrari won in Monza in 2010 it has been very emotional: be next to the famous red heart under the podium and sing the anthem to say “Hey, Ferrari is Italian and me too: I’m part of this big family”, yes, FAMILY, that is what it means to me; maybe it’s hard to understand this feeling if you don’t support this team, but believe me that it is so. Otherwise why did Alonso say that when you stay in the Scuderia it’s like being in your second family? I perfectly understand him, even I didn’t go to Maranello and meet the mechanics. I really hope that you, reader, are feeling the same, with another team too, I’d be glad to know that anyone else understand these emotions!


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Hey! I'm Ilaria, an 18 years old student from Italy :)


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