Yesterday afternoon, at 17:30, Felipe Massa took part at the traditional chat that Ferrari organize every year to answer to the many supporters’ questions. Immediately, after the usual greetings and the compliments for the great fight with Lewis Hamilton, object of a question that he answered of had fun but a bit sorry for not to be in front of him, many people began to ask him informations about the last race, the improvement of the car and the behaviour of FIA: ” At Silverstone I saw different improvements in the car,  this is very important for the next races and also for 2012. I believe that the good performances are not come from the engine mapping, but from the updates brought in this week-end: there was less downforce in the area of  the brakes, not much used in Silverstone track, and more in the other parts of the car, and surely this helped us in the corners with high speed. Unfortunately, in the first moments of the race, I hit a piece of car that damaged mine, so I lost the pace and I couldn’t finish the race in a stronger position. But I don’t think that the battle with Hamilton was unfair; in some situations, such as Monaco, he deserved the penalty of FIA, but in this case I believe that it was only a race fight. Some people accuse FIA to ruin this sport:  undoubtedly for the fans to understand the operation of blown diffusers and engines mappings is difficult, for us drivers it’s so too, and continue to change the rules certantly doesn’t help”. Felipe was also satisfied for the hard tires performance: ” This is the first race where the hards have worked well, in fact I managed the third place in Q1, one tenth far from the first; in Barcellona the situation was completely different”. Little bracket for Robert Kubica: ” I still remember the fight with him in Fuji 2007, very funny for the many overtakings and especially because I won that fight; we miss Robert, it’s not good to drive without him, I wish he return because he’s a great driver, very strong and competitive”.

Finally some toughts in view for the next races, first of all that one in Nurburgring: ” I love driving in that circuit, I’ve already got some podiums, one bitter where I had a nice fight with Fernando, and after that a ” funny” chat with him. I always think about the victory and I’m motivated. About Budapest, when I drive there I don’t think about the crash, rather I like meeting the people who helped me in that difficult moment”.  


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Hey! I'm Ilaria, an 18 years old student from Italy :)

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  1. jabjamesf40 ha detto:

    Some interesting thoughts from Massa here, especially with regards Budapest! Nice post once again and thanks for the translation! 🙂 I think Ferrari have made a great step forward and we should have a stronger end to the season!


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