In the anniversary of the first victory for Ferrari in F1 at Silverstone, Ferrari has gathered a great success with Fernando Alonso, born of the renewed competitiveness of the car, right in the circuit that gave rise more concern because of the great aerodynamic downforce required, and also of  the error of  Red Bull mechanis in the pit stop for Sebastian Vettel, who finished second to more than 10 seconds behind the Ferrari driver, who showed great pace through a series of quick laps that earned him the fastest lap in the race. Third place went to Australian Mark Webber, author of a good race and victim of a final  team order, “mantain the gap,” which not allowed him to attack his own teammate. Fourth place for Lewis Hamilton, started tenth and crowned winner right on target after a great comeback and a duel with Felipe Massa; bad the other McLaren: Jenson Button had to retire due to a wheel inexplicably not fixed by the mechanics during a controversial pit stop. Of note is the performance of Perez, who came seventh, Alguersari, for the third consecutive time in points, and Ricciardo, who has centered his goal to finish the race.

This race marked the final confirmation of progress on at Ferrari, previously masked by the particularities of the circuits with long straights and slow corners. Right in the middle sector, one characterized by high-speed corners, which require a lot of downforce, the Italian team showed a great pace; a step back for Red Bull, as fast as ever but this time at the level of the Ferraris, if not less; However, we must remember the slowdown  that Hamilton has imposed on Vettel, allowing the Spaniard to earn precious seconds, and the probable Vettel’s reasoning  for the championship, which led him to settle for second place which earned him 80 points ahead second-placed Webber ranking. McLaren in trouble: the idols of the house showed a great pace in the early stages, with the track still wet, but once again the team forced Hamilton to slow down at the end, to avoid ending up petrol.

As for the World Championship, Sebastian Vettel is closer to the iris, with 6 wins and 3 third places is the undisputed master of the Circus, but beware of plot twists, F1 will always hide many.


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Hey! I'm Ilaria, an 18 years old student from Italy :)


  1. jabjamesf40 ha detto:

    Congratulations on your new F1 blog, great that the first post was celebrating Ferrari’s first victory of the season!

  2. Yeah, reading back this article, it was a great win for Ferrari by Alonso, but I just wonder why they reverted back to the old rear suspension for Spa – it was obviously a step back.


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